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19-20 October


  • Appreciate the context and business case for strategic workforce planning
  • Understand a best practice and applicable workforce planning process
  • Profile the current workforce to support the process
  • Analyse the gap between demand and supply and suggest intervention strategies
  • Work with stakeholders to embed the process into the business planning cycle
  • Investigate the root cause of key workforce issues
  • Support evidence based workforce decisions
  • Measure the effectiveness of HR process and interventions
  • Determine and use appropriately the right measures and KPIs
  • Help transform the HR function from service provider to business driver
  • Overview


    We are facing ad hoc or even unnecessary recruitment requests and if not planned well, results in layoffs.

    Our AOP is not accurate enough which can result in head count freeze

    We need more tools to help with proper people analytics process rather than keep relying on supervisors' feedbacks so that the right people are being promoted and key people are not lost due to not being attended in time.

    How to make the right decisions when it comes to job rotation not to end up with talent surplus or shortage?


    of the world to bring the latest & strictly practical know-how & implementable solutions to show HR professionals how to help their company to redefine its workplace.

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    By attending this event, you will be able to quickly get SWP started in your organisation irrespective of budgets, industry sector or current skill levels.

    With an emphasis on the “how to” we’ll combine theory with practical tools and techniques and enable you to tailor solutions to your requirements. Practical exercises re-enforce the transfer of skills and participants leave the course having workshopped the key stages of SWP. Well also share tips on the softer factors critical to success like how to secure ‘buy in’ and help embed the SWP discipline and practice into your company.


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    Your Trainer

    Multi award winning workforce planning and transformation expert

    A strategic workforce planner who has worked with over 50 operations, his experience spans nearly 20 years as a consultant, project manager and operational manager. His experience covers people analytics, change projects, workforce planning, and operational support in the UK and internationally, across diverse organisations including financial institutions, telecoms and government agencies/public service.

    Expert in operational and strategic workforce management (including statistical modelling and forecasting) he has worked for the market leading workforce management system supplier, consultancies and blue chip operations, including 50,000 head organisations.